FoodVerse FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What Chain is OneRare built on ?

A. OneRare & $ORARE Token are native to Polygon Chain. Please ensure you have your Metamask Wallet to connect to the Foodverse.


Q. Do I have to lock my Tokens for a fixed period in the Farm ?

A. You can stake and unstake your $ORARE token from the Farm at any time. Your DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES Rewards will be calculated as per the time staked in the Pool.

Q. How do I choose the Staking Pool ? Is one pool better than another ?

A. Choose your Pool depending on the Dish you want to mint. If you are minting a recipe with many vegetables, you can stake at Farm Fresh. If you wish to make a dairy-intensive dish, then Sunshine Dairy would be better for you. If you don’t have a recipe in mind and would like to mint as many Ingredients as possible, check the Pool marked as ★YIELD in the Farm. This Pool is identified as the top reward-yielding pool based on current conditions.

Q. Can I farm for a Specific Ingredient NFT ?

A. No, you cannot farm for a specific Ingredient. Each Farm Pool has a Theme and a list of ingredients. When you stake in the pool, you become eligible for receiving a randomised NFT from the Pool. If you wish to procure a specific NFT, shopping at the Farmer’s Market will be better and faster for you.


Q. Should I mint a Dish in the Kitchen or Buy it from the Farmer Market?

A. Every Dish has a Recipe - a set of Ingredients needed to make the Dish. As a player, you can evaluate the cost of collecting ingredients versus the cost of buying a dish directly from the market. You can use the Magic Buy button in the Kitchen to help you check the total cost of Ingredients required by the Recipe. If the cost is less than the price of the listed Dish, you should proceed with buying the Ingredients. If a Dish is listed at a lower cost than the Magic Buy shopping total, you should buy it directly from the market.

Q. Who decides the price of the Ingredients & Dishes in the Farmer Market?

A. Farmers have the right to decide the price of their produce in the Farmer’s Market. Use your Dashboard to put your Ingredient / Dish DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES on sale and set their price. Ofcourse keep the market conditions in mind, and see how your competition is doing. Cheaper produce will sell faster !


Q. I have the Ingredients listed in the Recipe, but the Cook Option is not working ?

A. Every Dish has a fixed recipe set by OneRare - you must follow this recipe to claim the Dish. The “Cook” action will only work if you have the correct Ingredients in your wallet. If you do not possess adequate Ingredients in your wallet, the transaction will error. Check if the Dish has not been minted by another player, causing the minting difficulty to go up.

Q. Why do the Ingredients required for a Dish keep increasing ?

A. OneRare Dishes are minted on a curve. With each mint, the number of Ingredients required for a Dish will go up exponentially. For the first mint, you will need to collect 1 of each Ingredient. For the second mint, you will need to collect 3 of each Ingredient, and so on. Massive early-mover advantage to make your Dish fast, and see it’s value go up as others struggle with higher ingredient costs.

Q. Can I reverse my Dish DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES back into individual Ingredient DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES ?

If you have correctly collected all Ingredients needed for your Dish to cook/mint, the Smart Contract will extract the Ingredients from your Metamask wallet, burn the NFTS, and deliver the Dish NFT to your wallet. This is an irreversible transaction - just like you cannot reverse your food at home to become raw ingredients again !

Q. How many Dishes will be featured on OneRare ?

Just like our unlimited love for Food, OneRare’s kitchen will keep churning out Dishes from all across the world. Every week, we release 15 new Recipes so that our Foodies have new recipes to mint everyday.

Q. What do I do with my Dish NFTs ?

You will be able to use these Dishes to run your own Foodtruck in our Playground. We are releasing the first game in our Playground, Foodtruck Wars, which is a three-player strategy game. While we wait to release the details, the only hint we can give you is to make a LOT of Dishes and try to get as many diverse cuisines in your wallet as possible.


Q. How are the Points on the Leaderboard calculated?

A. We follow the below frame to calculate your points. 1 point for each Ingredient that you own + 500 points for each Dish that you own. For example, if you have 1000 Ingredients and 3 Dishes = Your total point will be 2500.